Sunday, 12 February 2017


Happy you're here to peer into a world of my own design. I'm a storyteller, worldweaver and occasional novelist with a big passion for fast-paced, comical writing that makes you smile.

Since the beginning of 2017, I've had the good fortune to connect professionally with fellow Norwich indie writer Donnie Rust, the author of the paranormal noir satire Working Title series. I've also teamed up with the Box Bookstore -- an ingenious way to help self-published authors overcome hurdles to market by creating market platforms for ourselves. Definitely check it out when you get the chance, as it's already helped me broaden my readership and audience tremendously.

And as for what I write?

I've always enjoyed speculative fiction - mine is an unhinged imagination, and I recognise there are plenty of talented individuals who've already written some fantastic ways of seeing our world through new eyes.

Of course, plenty of talented folks have taken on the speculative fiction side of things too. Grand fantasy worlds and sprawling science fiction universes are always a joy to encounter, yet for my own work, I like to sprinkle some sarcasm, dark humour and mischievous antics onto things. It seems to come with the territory when a geek grows up to be an author inspired by the likes of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and Jack Kerouac.

Would you like to meet your new plucky protagonists?

I've oodles of projects here and there, yet the books already out in the wild are listed for you below. The modern era has given us an unprecedented way of reaching out with our narratives, and sharing my own has always been a dream I'm ever more pleased to realise.

Shall we take a brief look at who's waiting for you within those cheeky pages?

 In Dargrim's Dungeon, I wanted to experiment with my own writing style. I challenged myself to create a short, punchy novel that'd let me experiment and have fun with my forays into self-publishing.

The book revolves around the urgent ambitions of Baron Dargrim Eboncane, who like many other villains of The Realm has set up shop running a dungeon.

The business model is that The Realm's government encourages heroes, do-gooders and other people who threaten the status quo to take on the evil lairs of various villains. Said villains kill said heroes for fun and profit, and the world ends up staying the same, which is how the higher-ups like things.

However, competition is fierce, and Dargrim's once bustling underground lair of tricks, traps and certain demise is no longer in vogue.

Hatching cunning plans as villains tend to do, he does his utmost to turn things around against wily monarchs, world-weary monsters and his particularly devious ex. Find out for yourself how his hysterical hijinks fare either through Lulu or Amazon!

After successfully publishing Dargrim's Dungeon, I wanted to take on something a little more meaty. The world of Freerale: Steamfunk in the 1870s mashes up all the cheesy comedy gold of a 1970s action flick with the clockpunk fun and throaty heft of an 18th-Century world transfixed on steam power.

Lenny Freerale and Penny Piptrack team up to track down a treasure so valuable that Farglum City's criminal underbelly fizzes at the mention of its very name. Outfoxing gangsters, pirates and befuddled noblemen aplenty, world-weary Lenny and achingly upbeat Penny are in way over their heads, but refuse to admit it to one another. With Penny's train-driving talents and Lenny's skill for improvising his way through chases and combat alike, Freerale is too funky to be steampunk alone.

Ready for a new kind of caper? Race over to Lulu or Amazon to see for yourself how clockwork discos, chain-smoking smart-talkers and the promise of a perpetual motion engine can bring the Helchimanthi Wastes together in the universal urge to screw one another over.
The latest of my novels shines the spotlight back on Dargrim, a few years after the events of Dargrim's Dungeon and in an era of exploration.

The Eboncane Expedition sees Dargrim shunted unwillingly into a brave new world of exotic cultures and all new cunning antagonists to cross cerebral swords with, all backed up by the same scavenge-punk gnome technology, temperamental fantasy airship piloting and weaponised electric eel launchers of Dargrim's established world.

When it's discovered the The Realm is actually just one of many kingdoms out there vying for supremacy, evil genius Dargrim wants some of the action, although preferably with as little effort exerted on his part as possible. Yet it turns out that there are as many people out there looking to seek his own home's fortunes as there are enterprising Realmic men and women looking for theirs beyond the borders. Comedic culture clashes are a given, and you can find out how things fare, once more, via Lulu or Amazon. Huzzah!

I'm both grateful and excited for the opportunities opening for self-published authors in today's hyper-connected world, and incentives like the Box Bookstore give us the chance to get what we do out into the world and off the screen. Through this new blog, I'm hoping to reinvigorate what I do in the world of comedy literature, chronicle the proceeds, and most importantly, have plenty of fun along the way.

Let's see what we can conjure together!